About Us

Here at rganix-IT we are dedicated to finding the best solutions to your business problems at affordable rates. We specialise in website design, quality website development, website programming and database development. We also offer search engine optimization services as well as help with domain registration and hosting. Our dedicated staff is here to help you through every step of your website, answering all your questions and queries.

We strive to differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing outstanding customer service. One way we have achieved this is by establishing our Service Excellence program. Service Excellence encourages open communication between our customers and our staff, resulting in long-term business partnerships. We have a large portfolio of satisfied clients that return to us again and again for all their IT solutions. Our representatives are always available to answer client queries and questions through various means; including email, instant messenger services, Skype and by phone. To us, client satisfaction always comes first.

Value for money is incredibly important to us, we are proud to offer affordable quality website design and quality website development at an affordable rate of $15 an hour. This price also includes all the benefits of our personalised Service Excellence programme.

At rganix-IT we use only the best web programmers and cutting edge technology, making sure your website is as up-to-date as possible. Our representatives have expertise in all fields and a dedication to solving your problems as quickly as possible. We use only the best products on the market, including Waterfall for software projects and Agile for website design and development projects.

For every service we provide, we charge just $15 an hour. If you have any questions or enquiries don’t hesitate to email or contact us.

Our Clients

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